Wake Up With Make-Up  

 Ever wanted to look as good in the morning as  you did the night before ?


  If you answered "yes" then Permanent Cosmetics is for you!  I use the Noveau Contour digital 700 machine which is state of art computerized technology.  The Noveau Contour works with a pre-sterilized single-use needle cartridge system, ruling out any worries of cross contamination. 

  The Digital 700 provides optimal results in less time than other permanent cosmetic machines.  The digital control (microprocessor) assures stable needle frequency, resulting in perfect pigment color retention.  Touch-ups have become almost obsolette.   

The NC 700 assures a stable needle frequency, despite the resistance of the skin.  When resistanace of the skin occurs, the microprocessor will adjust the needle frequency accordingly. If the skin has some scar tissue and is thicker or if it reads thinner skin, the frequency adjusts itself and provides even pigment penetration.

  If you've had Permanent Cosmetics before and remember how painful or uncomfortable it was, your in for the surprise of your life.  This little device makes your procedure so comfortable you wont believe it!  There is no tearing of your skin like with the hand method or non-digital rotaries.

Call now for your consultation.....Consultations are $45.00


Lips before/after


 Eyeliner before/after